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Deelcollecties van het Marinemuseum in Den Helder


The core of the Navy Museum’s collection originates in 1962, when vice-admiral (Ret.) De Vos van Steenwijk donated his private collection to the museum. From the start of the collection in 1962, it has grown through specific acquisitions and private donations, but also with Royal Navy equipment which is no longer used. The historic collections of the Royal Dockyard, the navy’s mines-unit and the navy’s electronic and optical department (MEOB), have also merged into the museum’s collection.  

Acquisitions from private collections

The museum’s collection is still growing. Through auctions and the navy, many objects are gained. Most of the museum’s new acquisitions come from former navy personnel. Each year the collection gains hundreds of their tangible memories.


About 15% of the collection is displayed in our exhibitions. The exhibitions contain the museum’s most prized objects. The remaining 85% belongs to the study collection or is used for thematic temporary exhibitions.