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The Tower

The most well-known building of the museum is the Tower. From 1827 onwards, this building was used for storing highly flammable substances. All across the dockyard the Tower’s clock was visible and was therefore used as a watch by the workers. The Tower now serves as exhibition space in which the history of the Dutch Navy is appealingly displayed in six rooms.

The Ordnance Repair-shop

The stretched building on the Westgracht is called the Ordnance Repair-shop. It was built in 1825 and originally housed a storage for sawed timber and oak-planks. In later times it also housed different storages. In 1915 it was conversed into an ordnance repair-shop and nowadays displays exhibitions on the dockyard’s history and the present-day navy.  

Gebouw de Sloepenloods van het Marinemuseum in Den Helder

The Sloop shed

The third building of the Navy Museum is the dark-green Sloop Shed. It was built around 1833. The remaining seven wooden roof covers were originally part of eighteen covers which were meant to house 36 gaff-rigged gunboats. With a winch, the boats were pulled over a slip into the shed. The Sloop Shed is not accessible to the public and is used for storing large objects.